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MA in Comparative Literature (PAC Codes: DC616 Full-Time, DC618 Part-Time)


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Contact: Dr. Brigitte Le Juez
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Degree Information:

This programme offers graduates in languages, and related arts and humanities subjects, a cross-disciplinary, inter-medial training, which includes theoretical aspects and practical analysis. To give the MA as much breadth and relevance as possible, students can access numerous specialisms from the School's other programmes. Once completed, you will have a sound foundation for further doctoral research in the School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies.

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Aims and Objectives:

  • To introduce you to the critical theories and applications of Comparative Literature.
  • To develop your awareness of the intercultural and supranational nature of literature.
  • To present you with authors and artists of different eras, countries and artistic fields, thus developing your ability to research parallel texts from different cultural and/or linguistic origins, and/or in an inter-disciplinary context.

Programme Structure:

The programme is taught through a series of seminars in the comparative study of literature and other arts. The wide range of choice on offer allows students to combine previous academic training with new areas of study.

There are two modes of study, but whichever mode is chosen, students who wish to be eligible for the award of the MA in Comparative Literature must accumulate a total of 90 credits, within a period of four years.

  1. Full-time/two-semester mode. You choose 30 credits from the modules on offer in each semester, making a total of 60 credits. The research dissertation is worth a further 30 credits.
  2. Part-time/three to four semesters. You choose modules amounting to between 10 and 30 credits in each semester. The research dissertation is worth a further 30 credits.

The research dissertation is worth a further 30 credits. Students who do not wish to write the dissertation may graduate with a Graduate Diploma in Comparative Literature, provided they have successfully completed the taught programme.

Elective modules may vary from year to year.

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Why DCU:

  • The MA in Comparative Literature was the first of its kind in Ireland. It has developed into a very popular and versatile degree.
  • None of the taught modules appear on other, mono-cultural, literary degrees in DCU. This means that a knowledge of languages is not indispensable. The texts selected for study are available in both the original and the translated texts.
  • Our lecturing team are all members of Comparative Literature Association of Ireland (CLAI), the aim of which is to create a forum for all postgraduates in the discipline to meet and discuss their research.

International Students

Students who have successfully completed the Pre-Masters International Foundation Programme (IFP), are guaranteed a place on their target programme in DCU. Visit for further details.

Career Prospects:

Career Prospects

Some of the students who have been awarded this MA have gone on to do a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. Others are now literary critics, writers, editors working with publishers, teachers, academics, librarians and cultural event organisers.

Entry Requirements:

Dates for Submission of Applications 2016

Apply online through the Postgraduate Applications Centre (

EU Applicants

Semester 1 2015/2016 (Commencing September 2016)
PAC Code: DC616
Closing Date: 31st July 2016
PAC Code: DC618
Closing Date: 31st July 2016

Non-EU Applicants

Apply online through the Postgraduate Applications Centre ( by 10th July 2016 if living outside Ireland and 31st July 2016 if currently living in Ireland.

Applicants who require a study visa for the purposes of gaining entry into Ireland are advised to apply as early as possible.

If you need a study visa and are a Non EU student you are not eligible to apply for part-time programmes as study visas are only granted for full-time programmes

Queries on Completed Applications

Queries on completed applications can be made by e-mail to

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Indicative Timetable
(Weeks 1-12)